...and then there were 4

join us in celebrating a 22.22% increase in calamari decentralisation!

today we welcome two new collator maintainers to the calamari network, bringing the total number of community collators to four! the new collators are cj calamari and polkadotters.

independent collators are the key to decentralisation of the network. they provide the all-essential ingredients of:

  • connection. a collators main job is to be on, reachable and productive.
  • diversity. location, ethnicity, gender are all things that are irrelevant to collating. in the words of john perry barlow, “ours is a world that is both everywhere and nowhere”.
  • independence. anyone may collate on calamari, irrespective of personal or professional affiliation.

we’re really excited that the community wants to collate and working hard to onboard more new community collators. to that end, if you have ideas about making the collator selection process more transparent and algorithmic, please share them. we’d love to get a transparent collator scoring criteria added to sparta, so please contribute ideas about how to score collator metrics or other criteria that we could use.


Congratulations to the new collators and appreciate for their contributions!! :confetti_ball:


Congratulations CJ and Polkadotters :clap::clap::clap: