Calamari Release 3.1.4

Hi Calamari Community Members!

We’ve released Calamari version 3.1.4 and are starting with node updates.

Priority: High.

  • This is a high priority release and you must upgrade your node before Monday 02/11/2022.

This release only includes upgrades to the latest Parity dependencies, and the relevant changes motivating the priority level are:

#4594 - Fix checking for the parachainhost runtime api
#9732 - Inner hashing of value in state trie (runtime versioning).

The relay chain runtime in Parity’s v0.9.16 release contain 2 new host functions. It is critical that you update your Calamari node before Kusama switches to the new runtime (02/11/2022). If you do not update your Calamari node before the new runtime is enacted, your node will stop handling parachains functionalities properly until you upgrade.

The upgrade to Calamari’s runtime will be scheduled next week.


Great! Thanks for sharing the latest release!

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Done update to 3.1.4!!

Update deployed. (on 255 DAO nodes)

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:ice_cube: Iceberg Nodes :ice_cube: collator updated to v3.1.4 :rocket:

Sik | is also ready :fire:

Democracy proposal is online.


Will participate in!

Absolutely ready to AYE on that :fire: :fire: :fire:

Definitely will vote for it. Thanks for the update!

Ready to vote on it! :rocket:

Hi, may i ask you for a proposal hash?
Where can find it?

Up now!

My node is running on this version :rocket:

great I believe in your project