Calamari Runtime 3.1.1

Hi Calamari Community Members!

We’re planning for Calamari runtime upgrade (version 3.1.1) this month, here is the summary of the runtime upgrade:

Increase the extrinsic fee for better security

Currently, the extrinsic fee is low, here is the glance of a single KMA token transfer compared with other substrate based chains:

  • transfer on Polkadot is roughly $0.47
  • transfer on Kusama is roughly $0.016
  • transfer on Kurara is roughly $0.01
  • transfer on Moonriver is roughly $0.25
  • transfer on Calamari was $0.000028

This create a security threat to Calamari network, for example, right now, it only takes someone roughly 280 USD (KMA price, Dec 21, 2021) to attack (DDoS) Calamari network for a single day.

In this proposal, we will increase the transfer fee on Calamari to 0.028 USD, while the transaction fee is still quite reasonable for the community, this can dramatically harden Calamari’s security guarantee (need 280K USD to DDoS Calamari for 1 day now).

This will be the first governance enabled upgrade and we are excited this upgrade layout the foundations of the more exciting Calamari features.



I advocate against a 1000 times increase in transfer fee right of the bat. While it is evident that we need to increase the transfer fee to deter security threat, there is no point increasing it to be more than the tx cost of Kusama. If Kusama is DDoS-ed, we are screwed either ways.

I suggest a 100x increase instead of 1000x which amount to 28K USD to DDoS currently. The reasons are as follows:

  • 28K USD is already a reasonable large sum for an attacker to DDoS given Calamari network’s low DAU
  • As Calamari network grows, I am expecting the price of KMA to grow, increasing the security naturally
  • A > 1 KMA transaction fees will create problem for users on Calamari network, recall that users were only airdrop 0.5 KMA for tx fees. This means that Calamari users may need to scourge up some random amount of KMA just to do their txns later on
  • In the event KMA price grows substantially (100x or something), there is still sufficient buffer and ecosystem growth will not be hindered by tx fees, and will also save governance the trouble of enacting another referendum to lower fees.
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I fully support I hope that after the launch you will take on Manta and we will see her among the parachains

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Thanks for your comments!

Just want to clarify two things:

First, I think the reasoning that Calamari’s DDoS budget doesn’t need to be higher than Kusama is a sound logic. However, it is still the case even if we increase the fee 1000x (detailed explanation below):

  1. Each single Kusama Block can have more payment payload due to the weight setting (roughly 2x)
  2. Kusama’s block time is 6 sec while Calamari’s block time is 12 sec
    So under the proposed setting, the DDoS budget of Calamari is still less than Kusama’s DDoS budget

Second, as KMA price goes up over the time, we will revisit the fee settings in a timely basis and propose new runtime update. Also, since the fee change is relatively easy to make, we would appreciate the community proposal on that as well!


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