Calamari Runtime 3.1.2

Hi Calamari Community Members!

We’re planning for Calamari runtime upgrade (version 3.1.2) this month, here is the summary of the runtime upgrade:

Runtime Support for Community Collator Program

This is an important step for the manta team to make calamari be more decentralized and secure.

Here’s the documentation for how to run a collator for Calamari.

At the beginning, we will open collator slots gradually due to keeping calamari stable. If the mainnet runs smoothly, the council will open more slots for community in the future. Concretely, this includes:

  • for the collator selection pallet
  • add treasury pallet for Calamari

Initial Collator Incentive Design

We collect on-chain transaction data from Based on the current transaction volume (this should increased a lot once we release more features!).

We would imagine we can reach 10 collators end of Feb, 2022, and 20 collators in Q2. So based on this estimation, we set the initial bonding requirement of running collator to 400_000 KMA. Collator runners will take 60% of transaction fees plus 100% of tips. The remaining 40% of transactions fees goes back to the treasury.

TLDR: The collator runner, even with the current transaction volume, will have >= 10% APY initially and at least 5% APY if we grow to 20 collators.

Note: we would love to hear from the community about the collator incentives. This is just the initial proposal and as Calamari grows, we should change these incentives accordingly.

Runtime Efficiency Improvement

Because we enabled LTO for binary build ([Manta] LTO for release and benchmarking binaries by ghzlatarev · Pull Request #311 · Manta-Network/Manta · GitHub), Calamari runtime performance has been improved a lot. All weights are 20% ~ 40% less than calamari 3.1.1, which means 20% - 40% gas fee decrease.

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Just 2787,2 USD to become one of the lucky 10 collators today when KMA is $0.006811. (Just a fact)

Indeed! We would definitely encourage applications.

nice :+1: 10 collators will be happy

Like the collator initiative and want to be one of the collator. Have a lot of experience with nodes on substrate and >1M KMA from crowdloan.

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Voted on the referendum!

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