Calamari Runtime 3.1.5

Hi Calamari Community Members!

We’ve released Calamari v3.1.5 and have now opened a referendum for the runtime upgrade! Please take the time to review the runtime changes and vote. There are no client changes, so feel free to upgrade nodes at your convenience.

Priority: Low.

The important runtime changes that will be introduced with this governance proposal are:

  1. We began enabling cross chain transfers with the first step being the integration of the popular ORML XTokens pallet and our own AssetManager pallet. Keep in mind, that before cross chain transfers are fully enabled. there will be governance proposals to open HRMP channels with sibling parachains, as well as governance proposals to register relevant assets in our asset manager.
  2. We also began integrating a new feature for automatic eviction of low performing collators. Essentially there are two new runtime configurations in CollatorSelection pallet - x and y, and collators are automatically removed at the end of a session if they significantly ( x% ) underperformed the y-th percentile of the total collator set over the current session. Currently these values are set to 0, meaning that the feature will be enabled only after a subsequent governance proposal by the community to set these values appropriately.
  3. We increased Preimage and Treasury pallets’ deposit constants to make them more economically sound. Furthermore we reduced the Preimage pallet’s PreimageMaxSize to 3.5MB as anything more will not fit our NORMAL_DISPATCH_RATIO limit of 70% (out of 5MB block limit)
  4. Various other improvements and bug fixes.

We’re very excited as this is the first step in bridging a number of foreign assets to Calamari and soon after privatizing them with MariPay, which is currently live on our Dolphin V2 Testnet.

Again thank you for your support and looking forward to your votes!