Calamari Runtime v3.2.0

Hi Calamari Community Members!

We’re planning for Calamari runtime upgrade (version 3.2.0) this month, here is the summary of the runtime upgrade:

The main changes are:

  1. Removing sudo. By this release, we’re going to remove sudo pallet and sudo key.
    This is a big milestone for calamari network, and making calamari more decentralized. We’re excited to see it’s happening.

  2. Xtokens improvement. When user makes a crosschain transaction with an invalid MultiLocation, it will fail on calamari, the transaction will not be sent to target chain. It’s more friendly for users.

For more technical details, take a look at this changelog.

For node runners, though this release is more about runtime changes, we still suggest you to upgrade your client to the latest one.

Again thank you for your support and looking forward to your votes!