Calamari V3.2.1

Hi Calamari Community Members!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please remain on the v3.2.0 release for now and roll back your node to this release if you have already upgraded due to a memory leak discovered in the v3.2.1 release and stay tuned for further updates

We’re planning for Calamari runtime upgrade (version 3.2.1) this month.
Despite the minor version bump, there is action required for collator runners.
Here is the summary of the runtime upgrade:

The main changes are:

  1. Manta node session keys were extended with two new key types in this release in preparation for a consensus framework change in the next release. Note that this ONLY affects the session keys of collator nodes, i.e. user’s addresses that store funds are NOT affected.

    What this means

    • for users: No change.
    • for people running their own full node: No change.
    • for collator node runners: In the next release we will switch consensus frameworks from aura-cumulus to nimbus-cumulus to allow for future improvements like stake-weighted assignment of block production slots. The new framework uses different session keys than the old mechanism and the new key types are being added with this runtime upgrade, but user action is needed to actually generate these individual keys.
      ATTN: If you run a collator node and do not take action until the next v3.3.0 release (tentatively scheduled for August 12), your node will no longer be able to produce blocks or receive transaction fee rewards.
      After the calamari chain runtime has upgraded to calamari/3210, please follow the newly updated 🚄 Setup and run a Collator | Manta Network Technical Resources instructions on how to re-generate your node’s session keys.
      To reiterate: Even if you did these steps already, you need to redo them before the v3.3.0 release. You do NOT need to resync or re-apply with the collator program if your node is already part of it and its service will continue as before after you are finished following the above documentation page.
  2. XCM:

    1. Unfilter xtokens.transfer_multicurrencies and allow for two assets to be sent at a time. This is in preparation for cross chain transfers to Statemine, which will require KSM to be sent as transaction fee.
    2. Improved XCM testing.

For further technical details, take a look at the changelog.

Again thank you for your support and looking forward to your votes!

In case you’re wondering if this is some scam - I’m Adam, backend engineer at Manta since January (check at gist.github .com/Garandor/6dc7ba7aba0350ba100ff46c94caa0e9 - new users here can only create 2 links per post lol) and happy to be doing my part for this great community in bringing you this new version along with everyone else on the runtime team :slight_smile:



Everyone, please hold off on upgrading your nodes to v.3.2.1
We have identified a memory leak introduced in dependencies of this upgrade.

Please remain on the v3.2.0 release for now and roll back your node to this release if you have already upgraded.

We will announce further mitigation steps soon

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The v3.2.1 release is now live on calamari network and has been reduced to a runtime only release.
Please keep your nodes on v3.2.0 until the next release.

The full context: Calamari V3.2.1 upgrade disruption post-mortem