Calamari V3.3.0

Hi Calamari Community Members!

A new manta node upgrade has landed and we’re planning to submit a runtime upgrade vote to governance later this week.
:warning: If you run a collator or full node, action is required. :warning:
If you’re a user of Calamari network, there is no action required from you as of yet.

The main user facing change in this version is:

  • Change of the chain’s consensus mechanism from Aura to Nimbus

    This under-the-hood change is a big enabler for future changes

    • All further consensus-breaking upgrades will be runtime only, i.e. they will apply automatically without forcing an upgrade of the manta binary
    • The current AuRa round-robin style block producer assignment can be be replaced with a more robust (stake-weighted random) VRF-based method in the future

    :warning:This change breaks chain consensus and requires an upgrade of the manta binary :warning:

What to expect

Once the runtime upgrade is enacted on-chain, non-upgraded (v3.2.0) nodes will no longer produce blocks, so Calamari Network will experience a slowdown to roughly 1 block every 90 seconds immediately after the upgrade which will gradually become better as more collators upgrade to the v3.3.0 binary until normal service is restored.
:warning: Collator runners take note: We will submit a governance motion to remove every collator that has not upgraded their node one week after v3.3.0 is live on-chain. If you didn’t manage to upgrade your collator node before this, you will have to go through the collator onboarding process again :warning:

What we need you to do

If you run a full node (you are not producing blocks):

  • Upgrade your manta binary ASAP

If you run a collator node:

  • Don’t upgrade manta before the v3.3.0 runtime is active on-chain, your node would no longer be able to produce blocks and slow down the chain
  • Upgrade the manta binary on or after the RT upgrade, preferably right after the runtime is live. If you delay the upgrade, there is a possibility of getting the node (recoverably) stuck after upgrading. Please see troubleshooting below if that happens


If your node stays stuck after upgrading, please check the Github Release Notes for Troubleshooting info and ask us on Discord if your case is not handled there.

There also are a number of more minor changes that improve different areas of the code base. For further technical details, please take a look at the Release Notes and Changelog.

Again thank you for your support and looking forward to your votes!


A reminder for collator runners: If you have not yet done the session key migration requested for the V3.2.1 release, please do so ASAP. You’ll need these keys set at least 12 hours before V3.3.0 goes live on-chain.

If we all are running v3.2.0, how can we generate a new key, since I believe the functionality to generate nimbus keys was added only in v.3.2.1, which we were told to not run?

Check Installation docs, you can generate the three different keys using subkey. You need to have subkey and jq installed.
I also performed it on v3.2.0, and it worked and went smoothly.

(Correction) this was possible as the runtime is already 3.2.1.

The instructions from the docs that @CryptoPithecus linked above work with the v3.2.1 on-chain runtime (which is currently active on Calamari Network) and a v3.2.0 manta node binary.

Just do the import_key workflow or use rotate_keys from polkadot.js and it’ll work

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Ok, that explains it! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

It is indeed related to the RT version. I should have said that generating keys is possible as long as the subkey package is installed. Thanks!

Hi everyone,

the runtime upgrade vote is now live on Calamari Network and will be open for voting through the next three days.

Thank you for your support and looking forward to your votes!

Should we update our nodes immediately after the voting ends? ie 3 days

Think you should update it when it enacts, which is block 1,971,950

Yes, we ( or anyone else ) can and will enact the runtime upgrade right after the vote concludes, so please use that as the timeline for upgrading.

Be aware however that the time estimate on polkadot.js can be inaccurate because of chain slowdown caused by people not following the instructions, so please doublecheck that the runtime upgrade is active before upgrading

@Garandor, can we announce to get sync with everyone also in Discord channels. Most of the collators are active there. If everybody is up to date on the blocknr we can orchestrate it better.

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:warning: Don’t upgrade your node on block 1971950
The runtime upgrade will be scheduled for execution at that block, but has an execution delay of roughly one hour until which the chain will continue on v3.2.1
I will announce which block the upgrade will go into effect once I know ( shortly after block 950 - track it here )

Watch here or the collator-program channel on our discord for future announcements

The new runtime will go in effect on the Calamari Network with the following kusama block

This is roughly 20 mins from now.
After it is included, please check the upgrade is live (top left in Polkadot/Substrate Portal) and then upgrade your node binaries