Calamari v3.4.1 - Hotfix Release

Hi Calamari Community, we’ve completed our work to mitigate some of the issues you were seeing following the v3.4.0 release and we present to you this

:warning: High Priority Hotfix Release :warning:

It addresses two issues reported with the previous v3.4.0 release, specifically:

  1. Round-Robin block producer assignment is now active, block producers no longer need to compete with others in a hardware race to get their block included, evening out the staking rewards distribution.
  2. Sending KMA from Moonriver via XCM ( using Moonriver apps ) will be re-enabled by the Moonriver team shortly following the runtime upgrade. A separate announcement will follow with more details about the mode of recovery of funds stuck in transit (i.e. whether it’ll be resolved on the moonbeam or on the calamari side of the XCM transfer).

What we need you to do

Vote on Referendum 29 - active now, running for ~24 hours and finishing on block #2,228,416

The runtime will go live roughly one hour later with version calamari/v3410

Besides voting, there is No action needed from anyone
This release is a hotfix to the on-chain runtime only.