Calamari v3.4.3

Hi Calamari Community, we have a new release cooking for you.
Although this one is a

Low Priority Release

it contains two important fixes many of you have been patiently waiting for:

  • Allocation of rewards to collators now works as originally intended under presence of collators missing their slots
  • Improved block production stability with rising number of collators

The corresponding Runtime Upgrade vote will be up for voting shortly and run for a bit less than 24 hours ( 6000 blocks ) depending on block time.
Thank you for your patience, time and votes!

The runtime will report as calamari/3432 in polkadot.js when it’s active and we will follow this up with another proposal to reset the active collator number limit back to 63

What we need you to do

No action needed from anyone ( besides voting on the runtime upgrade )
This release affects the on-chain runtime only.

As always check the full changelog on Release v3.4.3 · Manta-Network/Manta · GitHub


calamar ağı üzerinden dolpin test ettim çoğu kez fee ücreti yüksek geliyor ayrıca dolphin swap işlem hızları çok yavaş

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The upgrade is live for voting as referendum 33 here: Polkadot/Substrate Portal

The expected timeline is:

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It’s a good news! Will we use the new version of the node?