Calamari v4.0.1

Hi Calamari Community, we have a new release cooking for you.

This is a Medium-Priority Release

The client binary contains backwards-compatible changes, please upgrade at your earliest convenience.
Please note that collators that have a self-bond of less than 4M KMA will no longer receive rewards for themselves or their delegators after this upgrade is live.

Governance Actions

After the last few hotfixes in the v3.4 series, we’re returning with a feature release and our normal cadence of 7 voting days for this upgrade until block 3094944

Main features of this release

  • Prepare on-chain runtime for MantaPay on Calamari launch
  • Embed zkTransact signing keys generated from the Trusted Setup in MantaPay
  • Collators now need a minimum of 4M KMA to join the set and produce blocks
  • Collected XCM fees accrue to the Calamari treasury instead of being burned

As always check the full changelog on Release v4.0.1 · Manta-Network/Manta · GitHub

The runtime will report as calamari/4010 in polkadot.js when it’s active and we will follow this up with another proposal to reset the active collator number limit back to 63


Update on Calamari Runtime v4.0.1 Upgrade:

We wanted to provide you with a quick update on the v4.0.1 runtime upgrade for Calamari. We are thrilled to announce that the referendum passed with overwhelming support and we would like to thank everyone who participated in the vote. You can check out the results on subscan:

The upgrade was scheduled to be enacted on Tuesday last week, but we encountered an unexpected bug in the preimage module (which is the on-chain storage for the to-be-upgraded code) that prevented it from completing successfully. We have identified and resolved the issue and created a second referendum to execute the upgrade properly. The new proposal, which contains the same exact v4.0.1 code as the previous vote (compare proposal hashes), is now live at

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the Calamari community and we will keep you updated on any further developments regarding the network.


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