Calamari v4.0.4

Dear Calamari Community,

We have a new release for Calamari up for voting.
This is a low-priority, runtime-only release with two noteworthy changes:

  1. Collators who have a self-bond below 4M KMA will no longer be eligible to produce blocks. This means that they will no longer receive rewards for themselves or their delegators after the new runtime activates on calamari.
  2. In anticipation of increased network activity, we’ve decided to adjust the tx-fee calculation scheme to keep Calamari secure to DDoS attacks. Namely we’re increasing how fast the fees grow during periods of high utilization, in order to incur significant economic damage to an attacker during the first day of their attack. Furthermore we’re ever so slightly increasing the cost of transactions during normal times, in-order to keep the aforementioned growth factor change at a reasonable range. This means that regular public transactions should see a less than $0.001 increase in costs, while zk transactions should on average increase with less than $0.01.

Referendum #41 with this runtime upgrade is now up for voting on

The runtime will report as calamari/4040 in polkadot.js when it’s active

Thank you for your continued support of the Calamari network and as always check the full changelog on Release v4.0.4 · Manta-Network/Manta · GitHub