Can I bridge $MANTA from Pacific to Atlantic from my Manta Wallet?

Hello, I transferred my $MANTA from Binance to my manta wallet’s Pacific account. Can I bridge the $MANTA from the Pacific account in my manta wallet to the Atlantic account in the same wallet?

Hey, Manta wallet transfer functions are not active at this moment.
What are you exactly trying to do? if your intention is staking - you can stake manta on Pacific chain in Bifrost LS with 30% APY. Import manta wallet seed phrase to the Metamask and proceed staking in Bifrost with Metamask
if this is your intention - let me know -I will share an official guide with you

hi Keith ca you share the guide please? I also have Manta on the pacific network on chrome extrension wallet v.10.3 but cant see the tokens on the I want to stake, so maybe Bifrost is an option. THX

Hello, let me share with you

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if your wallet is Manta wallet and you have tokens Manta on pacific in Manta wallet- you will not be able to stake, import seed phrase to the metamask or okex wallet and stake via Bifrost.

hey, be careful - do not respodn any dm or accept any other help except from the administrators of the Forum