Can't withdraw stone into Metamask

I’ve looked at the instructions and a YouTube video on this issue. I can’t transfer my stone out to Metamask because it says I don’t have any ETH to pay gas fee. The Manta wallet does not, but the main ETH Account does. I don’t know how to put ETH into the wallet as it just goes to my ETH account.


Hello, you need to transfer Ethereum from Ethereum mainnet to the Manta Pacific chain, you can use any bridge like Orbiter, Rhino bridge. Because you need Ethereum on Manta Pacific to pay fees
Are there any other questions?

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I was able transfer ETH into the wallet.

The Stakestone exchange will not connect to my Metamask.

Did you try to refresh your browser first ?

share some screenshot here please or detailed explanation of the issue. To see what error you get when trying to connect Stake stone web page to the Metamask. Have you transferred ETH from Mainnet to the Manta pacific as I have suggested few days ago?

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