Caution ! caution ! read me story plese!


My name is Damian. I lost my all saving because i trust this forum and trying fix my mistake as soon as posilbe. when i transfer eth from binance to ledger i used by accident manta network and problem start. i try to fixt a issu so i log to this forum and expain it. when i woke up in the morning i got email. my case have been transfer to another departmen link www.connectsupport. and ticket number. So that what i did, and i lost all my money.

You guys took all my money what i have left

A Few months ago I lost my family. Only my daughter is with me. No, I don’t have any savings money. No money. all this money should go for her rehabilitation 7,2 ETH almost $16000 usa dollars. She will be a paralyzed to the end of her liver. Because I can not help her. Because of you Guys - scamers

I hope YOU really understand me and give me just a bit of this ETH back.

I don’t know if I can live around her if she becomes a vegetable… ![:sob:]

This is my new eth wallet Please Please send me my eth back. Please


Please share it with other scammers and help my daughter get back to normal life