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Hello Calamari community,

Soon delegated Proof-of-Stake (dPoS) will be active on the network. We hope everybody is as excited as we are. dPoS being activated means delegators can earn 3% of total KMA circulation given to stakers (collators & delegators) as rewards each year. To read more see the post Calamari V3.4.0.

We have been onboarded together with community collators which is mentioned in the post “Onboarding the 4th Set of Community Collator”. We are writing this post to introduce ourselves to the community and to anchor our spot in the network with the help of the delegator for the Calamari and Manta network as firm believers of Privacy.

About us

We are an experienced dedicated team that is focused on decentralization and security of different blockchain networks. Staker Space supports many substrate based chains and other chains in which we are validators or collators.To give an example. We have been validators on Kusama and Polkadot since day one and never got slashed. We are also collating on different other substrate chains.

We support networks we want to see thrive and achieve their goal. We believe privacy is a right and love to support open-tech technology. In order for that to happen decentralization and up-time is an important component to serve a bigger purpose. This is where we come in.

  • We care for a diversified set of collators/validators.
  • We have different datacenter agreements and choose servers based on the collator set and performance requirements
  • We have monitoring and redundant services running.
  • Alerts are directly pushed to all members of the team who are 24/7 available.
  • We try to make sure to have as little as possible down-time.
  • We are active participants in governance of the network.
  • Access to server solely with ssh access

If you would like to see the status of our Calamari node you can go to https://sparta.calamari.systems/

We are happy to help. If you have questions please don’t hesitate and send a message. You can DM us at this forum or Discord.

Su | Staker Space#1608

Ilhan | Staker Space Ilhan#8421


Thanks for the intro!

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