Community collator june update

there are now 20 active community collators operating in 10 different countries! we will be increasing this number by another 15 collators throughtout the 3rd quarter of this year. for those of you who like to get this information from the blockchain, you can always check for the most recent collatorSelection(NewDesiredCandidates) event, to understand the current candidate cap, which has been set at 35 since may 8th. sparta is currently showing 8 collator applicants in the eligible state, which is the list that is used for candidate selection during each onboarding set. we’re looking forward to getting these collators on board in the coming days and weeks.

we’re also really excited about decentralised staking coming to the calamari network in q3 and we will continue to open-source and showcase the track record of all collators on the network, so that stakers and the community can make informed decisions about where to delegate their stake.

keep your eyes open for the soon-to-be drafted post on the kma token economic model for collating within the calamari staking environment.

once again, thank you to all of the community collators and applicants who have been strengthening the decentralisation of calamari by running and maintaining independent and resilient nodes all over the world.