Dolphin Runtime v3.2.0 / dApp v2.1.0 Upgrade


Thanks for all your support on Dolphin Testnet V2! We are more than happy to schedule a Dolphin Runtime 3.2.0 / dApp 2.1.0 upgrade on 9AM EST, June 16th. This will significantly improve the Dolphin V2’s user experience, detailed improvement includes:

Dolphin Test Node (v3.2.0):

  • Implement a customized RPC interface to selectively synchronize MantaPay ledger UTXOs to wallets.

Dolphin dApp (v2.1.0):

  • The web app now syncs to the blockchain more efficiently, improving transaction speed, loading speed, and UI speed in general.

  • This release fixes a bug that caused the web app to show stale private balances after a transaction succeeding.

  • The web app now lets users know when the wallet is performing an initial sync to the blockchain, so that the user knows when they can expect wait time.

  • The web app now shows a loading animation when the user’s private balances are refreshing.

  • The sidebar now has a bug report link.

Manta Team