Dolphin Testnet V2 Development Updates

Hi Mantalorians,

Thank you for your fantastic support for our dolphin testnet v2! We’ve accumulated around 25k Transfers, with 19k unique wallet addresses! Thanks to a wonderful community using Dolphin every day and giving us valuable feedback via our forms.

Here are a couple of resources if you’re new to our dolphin testnet!

  1. :dolphin: Try MantaPay in Dolphin Testnet
  2. Dolphin Testnet V2 Tutorial | YouTube Video
  3. Dolphin V2 Testnet Release Furthers Web3 Privacy Preservation, Optimization, and Compliance

We’re aware of the various issues you’re going through! We’ve updated our documentation with the newest troubleshooting issues and the FAQs. The team is reviewing your feedback, and we’ve already started working on different sides of the dolphin.

The engineering team is focusing on a couple of issues shown below.

Signer 0.6.1 Updates

We’re working on releasing the 0.6.1 release version that will include:

  1. Hint for short password

  2. Fixing the bug when the signer is stuck

Application Updates

  1. Persistent state.

  2. Change the three dots, ... to syncing with the ledger on initial load.

  3. Add animation for the ...