Failed to Stake manta from binance wallet

Hi, I’m trying to stake manta from my Binance Web3 Wallet to , but when it’s already approved on binance, seems its not converted to vManta pls help me! I’ve been retry it up to 6 times and nothing happen!

Here, the transaction : Manta Pacific transaction 0x5956f3872a8c53c32dfa48da0b19a4229500b87e7794c41806753ac4ae3c9a08 | Blockscout

my address : 0xC5E9C1B2Dcda6Cb4661d0C95A61a1F43fb62f192


Hey, I am not sure this wallet is supported by the staking platform - try using another EVM wallet (Metamask and Okex wallet are recomennded)