From Discord - Current State and Future of Manta

Pretty good answer. Will be hodling this enjoying the staking APRs and chilling

"There are some projects being built on the Manta atlantic. On the Manta atlantic side, you can use Manta Token within other parachain ecosystems which will further broaden the usecase of Manta tokens. We are open to exploring more partnerships on the Atlantic side. It doesn’t matter whether they build on the Pacific or atlantic because both are a part of the Manta network ecosystem as a whole, we built Manta pacific identifying some pain points for the users and developers perspective,Manta Pacific gives you an edge over others zk rollups where any developers can build their own zk application that too by leveraging our Universal circuit with just using Solidity. The same applies for the users who are more familiar with the EVM environment and we are acting as a bridge between the polkadot and ethereum ecosystem. We originally started our development as a polkadot parachain and we have made a lot of advancement within the web3 space making Manta atlantic, the fastest ZK L1 . We will continue to innovate on the Atlantic side. Collating/Staking on Manta Atlantic gives you an opportunity to contribute to the Manta network security. MANTA is the native utility token on Manta atlantic. But yes collating/staking on Manta Atlantic has nothing to do with the Manta pacific but you must not forget that both the networks are necessary as of now

We are continuously exploring more opportunities where we can improve to make our chain accessible for everyone

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