Goodbye Ambassador Program, Hello Community Program!

Today marks the end of the ambassador program.

Hey Mantalorians,

We are moving forward and today we want to announce a big change in the Global Manta Network Ambassador Program. Today, we are closing it. We would like to thank you all for your support and belief in our project and what we are building. Moving forward, we will be creating a more general community program. The development of the community program has already started with the introduction of the Manta Network Community Challenges.

Here is how the Global Manta Network Ambassador Program will be moving forward:

  1. All points for submissions up until Wednesday, August 31 at 9AM EST are accepted and will be counted.
  2. All points will remain with each ambassador, and will be used to calculate future rewards.
  3. Specifics around the rewards will be announced when Manta Network’s launch is closer to live.

Thank you to everyone who participated; we appreciate your efforts and look forward to seeing you join us in the Community Challenges.


I would like to clarify, where are our points for twitter that you promised to calculate?

Hi, I believe I responded to you in Discord already. We will be including a system for tallying Twitter points. We are working on this system because there was a lot of spam. We’ll keep everyone updated.

Yes, yes. I just wrote here for the first time and got a ban, I had to ask you in the discord. Everything is fine :grinning: