Governance to transfer stuck xcKMA from Moonriver sovereign account on Calamari

Hi Mantalorians!

We’re following up on the XCM incident, which got some KMA stuck in the Moonriver sovereign account, previously described here.

In coordination with the Moonriver team we’ve traced and finalized the list of addresses with stuck KMA in the Moonriver sovereign address dmwYZB7qmrMqFZtiJ19niyvn3eZEFzw5TvuLrbXiqpHokje67 , and that list can be found here.
Therefore we’re proposing a governance referendum N31 to execute a utility.forceBatch() with batched balances.forceTransfer() extrinsics to transfer the appropriate values out of the Moonriver sovereign account to all of the affected Calamari addresses.

Thank you for your time and voting!