Governance to unfilter "external_propose_majority" extrinsic

Hi Mantalorians,

Referendum 48 is up for voting. The goal of the referendum to further decentralize Calamari through additional features on its on-chain governance.

Referendum 48 will allow KMA token holders to accept or reject future referendums with a simple majority of 50 + 1 percent of the vote turnout, no matter the magnitude of the turnout. Referendum 48 does this by a simple runtime upgrade that only unfilters the external_propose_majority extrinsic. In contrast to the external_propose_default referendums we’ve been running so far a external_propose_majority referendums can be rejected much more easily at a low turnout. Once passed, this referendum will first be used to update the voting mechanism of the 3 replacement referendums created as the successor of Referendum 47.

Thanks for your attention and votes!


I strongly agree with this proposal


yes, i agree with this suggestion

I agree definitely with this one