Guide the Vietnamese community to participate in mint SBT on Manta Network

:sagittarius: Update Manta Network : Mint SBT Omni Network zkOmni x manta ( :point_left:
:heavy_minus_sign: Manta network ETH gas is nearly $3 (remember to adjust the gas to about $0.015)
:heavy_minus_sign: Need to use Owlto transfer bridge
:writing_hand: Note: This bet is getting more and more expensive, please consider joining #MantaNetwork
:heavy_minus_sign: To be eligible to mint the Omni SBT, you need to complete the old Testnet of Omni network and claim OAT​:+1:
:white_check_mark: & combine mint with this: Mint Manta Pacific Celebratory β€˜Early Supporter’ SBT

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