Horrible experiences, and support needed

I am in need of support from someone who knows what they’re doing. I have been trying to use manta for about 3 weeks, and everything about this platform/network/system is basically a punch in the coin purse. It is the single most infuriating thing I have ever had to deal with in my life, and I spent a decade plus in customer service.

Long version, trying to use this waste of time of a platform to bridge pacific to Atlantic, stake and leave it there for a while. that, is apparently impossible because of the setup of this network… and you need GLMR to get GLMR, but to settle GLMR you need to have GLMR already, but you can’t use it unless you know a guy who knew a guy who had GLMR, and you ultimately need to beg discord/reddit for gas donations so you can be told “you don’t have enough GLMR to accept this GLMR” in short, I would rather suffer from a brain hemorrhage than navigate this site. Now the issue is I have 500+ manta pacific; trying to remove it… I have .025 eth, on manta, to cover the fees… Fees are .0000000001 to .00000009 Eth… and I am receiving the error message “not enough eth” aka"fuck you, we’re keeping your money"… I would very much like support in resolving this issue, as I would like to get as far away from this shithole platform as I can, and quickly.

thank you in advance for any advice you might have; I have been asking their customer service for help, but tickets just get deleted, or go ignored for days at a time, their discord wants my DNA and their reddit forums are just as cancerous as the rest of reddit.

Hey, could you share a screenshot of the issue please?

Screenshot 2024-05-17 1.17.34 PM

I don’t get it; I even added more eth to cover gas, but I still cannot move it out, meanwhile I did a test send of 1 manta, but now I cannot do anything.

Screenshot 2024-05-17 1.18.03 PM

And here is my Eth balance, ON network… I even bridged more eth… sent to this wallet… a day later, I cannot do anything… it is incredibly frustrating… and their support is non-responsive,

what wallet do you use for an EVM wallet?

META; but it;s not even connected. this is strictly out of Manta wallet. This being said, I can send 1 manta at a time… no issues, but once I go to 10, 100… or max, it tells me I do not have the .00000002 eth to cover the fee, but I have the eth in my Manta wallet.

Your Manta tokens are in the Manta wallet - pacific chain - do I understand corectly?

yes; managed to get myself scammed and compromised one of the wallets as a result of the manta forum; which is awesome…

but this is a lost cause; their support via their main page is asking me to give root access to a recipient wallet… and sending me to app.mainnet-rectification.com

which seems like a scam, but they were able to provide me details within the app itself which make them seem less scammy, but I am over it… lost cause, this app/platform/wallet/coin… all dog shit and cost me more money and headaches than it’s worth… manta, as a whole, I hope burns to the ground.

I will advice you not to follow such links and never give root access to your PC. Trust only official links and support please

You can import seed phrase from the manta wallet to another evm wallet like metamask or okex wallet and proceed with this wallets to withdraw, because manta wallet withdraw function is not working properly