I have been receiving scam messages from accounts pretending to be "Manta Support"

Hi all,
Just received a message from a scammer pretending to be support. I knew this would come some day.
The link in the message leads to a phishing site and will surely drain your wallet.

I have reported the message. Hopefully the scammer gets banned. Please also help report this account. @Welid

We need to work to keep Manta safe from these scumbags. I personally am very weary of these kind of messages and paranoid when i comes to safety. Hope that other people are too
Thanks everyone

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Hi there,
I have also seen this, most brutally. I got into a fake Layerbank page from a link in Medium and that drained my wallet pretty bad. I was also reckles I’m afraid. So I reached out, firstly to metamask support (which are great) and secondly I myself reached out to a Manta support person on X and he showed me what had been done to my account, helped me all the way and then showed me into a fake site in order to ”retreive” my funds. Whe showing this to the metamask support they immediately said it was a scam and I had to remove all my remaining assets from my wallet asap. So after all this I have been trying to get hold of a decent support channel from Manta and finally got into this Manta Network support channel on Telegram. Now being super sceptical I had conversations in parallell with metamask support.
After many and long conversations with them, also showing me into a site, it turns out this site is also a scam. What the actuall F is going on here!? I’m getting Luna wibes around this and are quite frankly paranoid believing all people in the Manta team are scammers. I reached out to them and all of them have turned out to be false. Scares the shit out of me and I have lost a lot of money in this journey, regretting I ever got into the Manta train.

If there is any decent manta personell out there, take care of this and set up a trustworthy support channel cause this is going south!

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Sorry to read that… yes, the scammers are real scumbags. They will scam you after you get scammed as well, and will keep doing so. They have no morals at all, trying to scam someone who is already suffering. These people really deserve to rot

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