I need help to withdraw eth from manta

I try to withdraw my eth from Manta to my metamask wallet on manta network, but it says that i don’t have enough gas to cover the transaction, which is true i don’t have eth on the manta network but i have eth on the eth network, so my question is how do i deposit eth in the manta network, i tried and it goes to my eth network.
I as well try to unstake and convert stone to eth on StakeStone but it says i have 0 balance.

Hey @ltz1 do not contact any of the users that asked you to dm them, reach via Telegram or write an email -all is scam, be careful please - trust only Admins

Hey, regarding 1st issue - you trying to withdraw Ethereum from Manta network in Metamask Eth network right ? you will need to send it it to Ethereum network via Bridge, you can use bridges like Orbiter, Rhino etc @ltz1

regarding ustaking stone to Ethereum - could you please share a wallet address please to check out, thank you