Issue withdrawing ETH

Hi guys!

I am trying to withdraw my ETH from Manta Network. When I select the amount and hit “withdraw” I get the message telling me that I have not enough gas, although I have more than double the amount of ETH than required for the withdrawl in my wallet (0x3327f2e90bd1dc4e3a3a43b5acbfb21c4c68b304). I’ve tried many times so far and still get the same message.
Did I miss anything or is there any issue with Manta Network?

Hey, you need ethereum on Manta Pacific network for gas fees. Do you have some?

I have ETH on Ethereum mainnet. It seems metamask can’t bridge from ETH mainnet to Manta Pacific Network (!?), how can I do it otherwise? And has it to be ETH or can I use USDT as well? Thanks!

hey, you can use one of this bridges and send some eth from Eth mainnet to the Manta Pacific. It should be ethereum - it is used for Manta Pacific gas fees

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