KMA Token Economics

Hi Calamari Community, we’re excited to announce our vision for the KMA token today :raised_hands:

Please head over to the Manta&Calamari Documentation and you will find a newly expanded :octopus: Calamari Token (KMA) section where you can read all about what we envision the KMA token to be and do in the near future.
Look out for the “Tokenomics”, “Tokenomics Updates” and “Token Distribution” pages.

The Tokenomics of KMA described there will go into effect with the next Calamari runtime upgrade, which will enable decentralized staking in advance of the MantaPay on Calamari launch.

Looking forward to your comments everyone and - in the words of Gavin Wood: Expect Chaos!


good news, looking forward for the enabling decentralized staking!


Reads good, lets go chaos!

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Yeah, sounds good. Looking forward to the great move.


Just checked. Awesome!

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Expect manta to become a privacy leader :facepunch:

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Good thinking.

It will be interesting to see how things develop but this is a promising start.