Limiting active collator number to 35 for one week at most

Hi Calamari community,

As we’re preparing for the release of v3.4.3 next week we have noticed unstable block production on Calamari Network under specific conditions with rising numbers of collators.

In order to prevent further destabilization until we are able to fully address it with the v3.4.3 runtime upgrade, we are proposing to a precautionary motion to temporarily limit the number of active collators on the network to 35.

We chose 35 as it has stable block production and fairly correct reward allocation.

To be clear: This proposal is just a precaution and nobody gets offboarded or unstaked or affected in any way.

The only community member affected by this change is the unlucky Validatrium collator runner who onboarded as collator 36 today and his delegates, who will miss out on a few days of reward payments as his collator will show as INACTIVE.

We will set the limit back to 63 as it currently is following the runtime upgrade next week, which will also reenable rewards for Validatrium

Referendum 32 is up for 4 hours at Polkadot/Substrate Portal


With the v3.4.3 release active on the network, we are proposing removal of the temporary limit on the number of active collators.

The corresponding referendum 34 is available for voting on-chain Polkadot/Substrate Portal and will run for 10 more hours from the time of this post.

All (currently 5) collators INACTIVE and waiting will become active at most 6 hours after the referendum concludes.