Looking at v3 and considering MantaPay design aesthetics

Interesting to see the v3.

On the Bridge option, where is says From and To, may I suggest moving the words From and To five and seven spaces to the right respectively so they are positioned just above the middle of the name of the asset to Bridge.

It is a small detail, but do you think it is worth considering in case it looks more attractive?

I am really looking forward to MantaPay and in the long term to its future evolution in design. I think the graphic design of both the Calamari Network and Manta Network emblems are really good and good use of colour is attractive and recognisable, as with the Moonriver and Karura emblems.

I think graphic design is an important aspect in the future design of all these products and making them exciting as well as aesthetically pleasing to use.

I am looking at v3 for the first time so it was just an initial thought to consider, the overall appearance is great, I just thought I might help in bringing more balance to the design immediately with recommending those two small changes.

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I should also say it looks really good and congratulations to the team.

The From and To looks fine, and it helps new users identify the toggling option easily. But being slightly off centre upsets my symmetry-loving nature slightly.

Overall, simplicity and functionality is key though, the words From and To are probably essential, and looking at it again are probably ideally placed!

I did wonder if they are needed or can simply be replaced with an arrow or graphics of a school of fish to indicate direction of travel of transactions but I do really like the simplicity and straightforwardness of the current design!

Perhaps there can be a toggle on colours for example to a lighter background. For the oceanic Manta feel, light blues, turquoise and whites are always good, lettering can optionally be different colours on a white background, for example blue, black, grey etc.

The current design does look amazing though, being very close to the finished product, it is very possibly perfect.

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Having said that, with regards to the new design of the staking page for example, the use of darker colours is quite wonderful, a great improvement on the overly bright first version, and uses greys as well as white text beautifully against a darker background.

Perhaps a toggle for a light colour cheme is unnecessary.