MANTA staking problems

Hi all! Who knows, I staked MANTA on and that time minimum stake was OK for my balance. But then threshold was raised so my MANTA were unstaked automatically. Does MANTA staking works like this?


Same here, everything was de-staked this morning. Did it again now with higher thresholds. Let’s see if it sticks…

Lost nothing by the way…


Mine didn’t unstake, just said my balance isn’t high enough now. And, its 7 days to unstake? WTF?

just gotta wait for more validators to come onboard… the min stake right now is crazy because too little validators. give it time

Mine did the same as well… time of state was ok,but now the threshold is raised and also out of top 100 now… and when i try to unstake, it says Insufficient balance to pay fees…

Am i supposed to put more manta into Atlantic manta wallet or eth for fees? Can someone please help… want to try this again.

You’d need to send over MANTA from Manta Pacific to Manta Atlantic to pay the fee to unstake.

I try to air drop manta. But After I connect wallet & try to get reword nothing to get anything.
Is it scam?

After 2weeks

Also, if the collator goes offline for long time, we need to unstake & delegate to another collator with 7 days waiting time. this is also not good. It should be instant to re-delegate to another collator.


You must have put 100% into staking leaving none for Gas.

DM me your wallet address, will send some for gas to you when I am free

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