My erhereum is stuck on manta

Hi , like many here I have deposited 1.75 eth and did not withdraw and it did not convert to stone so now when I want to withdraw don’t have any stone so can’t move the eth .

My address is MetaMask 0xa5019b544e039104055d519b2ef687106a77f6ba

Hey, your Stone was withdrawn out from your wallet to 3 different wallet addresses, check out this transaction hash. Check out carefully whever this actions were made by you

Hi . How is that possible ? It was stolen from my manta account - this is a manta security issue . I have not made any transactions and many other same issue -do you know who will take responsibility for these illegal withdrawals

hi, where can I see these transactions? thanks for the help… need to make offical complaint for these ilegal withdrawals… .who to?


go to Manta Discord server and open a ticket there via #create-ticket
do not reply to any dm - use only official links please

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hi, I have my discord verified but no idea how to create-ticket… this is a real nightmare- no other way to contaxt manta and complain about this theft of funds…

hey, there is a #create-ticket channel in Manta Discord server
or you can tag me there and ask I will help
share your Discord ID/name and I will help you there

hi, thanks for the help, i have had only excuse from the manta team, saying I have interacted with a scammer- sent my details of my deposit and since then have not done any transaction on manta-- was waiting for withdrawal and never had stone to withdraw. Send you the details of depsoit. very frustrating and no one taking resposability… very uncool

Transaction Hash:





189481441071645 Block Confirmations


150 days ago (Jan-06-2024 12:22:59 PM +UTC)

Transaction Action:

Deposit1.750535834430916412ETHby0xa5019b54…06A77f6bAto!/ADKq_NYzXnsGRLDUo8EYFkAymcRgqZodHPjPC0BNQP-FWA_-UPFd_AkDgCoU2grAu-IBrtyNAF3oB9z1jk3OweofCMgjoftjRzoLQu0zBQ=s0-d-e1-ft# Pacific

Hi, I understand how you feel, but unfortunately this was a scammer and we can’t help in this case. I saw your ticket in the manta discord server, the colleague has investigated the case and explained to you how things are
I would advise you to be very careful in the future when interacting with various unofficial links, sites, check them first
in the manta discord server there is a #scammer-report channel, check the pinned messages there, there is a detailed description of how to avoid scams and stay safe in future