My experience with requesting help from this Governance Forum

Yesterday 5-18-2024 I requested help to swap my Stone to Ethereum. This forum sounded legit form the name ‘Governance Forum’. However, this was anything but helpful. I was hacked from the people that were allowed to correspond with me. They lured me in with this website requesting to help with the chat button: . This is the communication from the hacker:

Hello [@LLaunch] i understand how this can be frustrating because i had the same issue few days ago but i got help with the manta support 6 which i will advise you to try and can help you too.

I also received many other ‘I’ll help you replies.’ I think ALL of them were hackers. I really couldn’t tell for sure. My advice is this legit looking ‘Governance Forum’ is riddled with hackers for the unsuspecting person who tries to get help. This is shameful, and in my humble opinion, the forum should be discontinued.

Those who are trying to learn because crypto in’s and out’s can be complex and different on each crypto website, don’t engage in this forum.

I am not allowed to put multiple links so I will delete the hyperlink to ‘manta support 6’ and instead put the actual website address.

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