New and old collation candidates

perhaps the last of the council motions (2026879-4, 2026884-4) to add collator candidates has occurred today. it is hoped that the network will transition (through democratic upgrade) to permission-less collation where these motions are no longer required. stay tuned for announcements about that in the coming days.
today’s motions add orange skies who is new to the calamari active collator set and черно море (black sea in bulgarian) which is a collator maintained by yours truly, and that had a brief hiatus from collation this past week for technical reasons. i’m very happy to be back and very happy to be coming online with the last of the eligible collator applicants. a warm welcome to orange skies, if our motions pass! :wink:


congrats to new active collators: orange skies & черно море

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Thank you very much, Rob! Happy to join and be a part of Calamari/Manta movement!

Thank you, papadritta! :heart:

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i have spotted council approvals (2028037-15, 2028037-5) for both of the proposals.

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