Proposal: Establish Ecosystem Growth Fund from Treasury Funds


The growth of the Calamari ecosystem has largely been driven to date with the launch of successful, user-friendly products including Manta Wallet, MantaPay, and NPO. While this growth has been considerable, allocating KMA funds specifically to foster more activity can lead to more and faster growth/adoption within the Calamari Network community. As a result, the core team is proposing the creation of three funds specifically designed to incentivize the fast growth.

  • Ecosystem Grant Fund I: incentivizes the faster onboarding of L1/L2 partners into the Calamari Network ecosystem to start using and enabling Calamari products for partner ecosystems;
  • Ecosystem Grant Fund II: offering direct incentives to the existing and new Calamari community through the downloads and usage of the Manta Wallet.
  • Ecosystem Grant Fund III: supporting the proven, successful adoption of the NPO through KMA incentives for both the projects/ecosystems adopting zkSBTs/zkNFTs as well as the users within those projects/ecosystems.


Chart 1: # of Daily KMA Holders (Source)

The launch of the NPO, zkSBTs, and the Manta Wallet coincides with the tremendous recent growth of users, as illustrated by the data from Chart 1. The growth trend is attributed to the launch of the products; furthermore, analytics metrics indicate that an even larger, untapped audience of users visit these products, spend a large amount of time exploring (indicating strong interest) but do not necessarily convert–at least not immediately. Offering early adopter incentives through the proposed funds would result in a stronger conversion rate, combined with the marketing/partnership initiatives outlined by the proposals of the Manta Wallet and the NPO.

Funding to Establish Manta Ecosystem Growth Grants

Responsibility Allocation (KMA) %
Grant Fund I: Incentivizing partnerships on L1s/L2s using Calamari as the privacy layer 100M 25%
Grant Fund II: Manta Wallet Adoption 150M 37.5%
Grant Fund III: zkSBT/zkNFT on Calamari NPO Adoption 150M 37.5%
Total 400M 100%%


Grant Fund I: Incentivizing partnerships on L1s/L2s using Calamari as the privacy layer

Drive faster adoption of Calamari Network’s modular privacy on the top L1s and L2s in the web3 space by offering early adopter incentives. Use the incentives and subsequent partnerships to establish a strong entrance into the ecosystems to push for adoption of zkSBTs, NPO and other services to be used by their ecosystem applications. The rewards of this grant program will be distributed across four L1/L2 partners.

Grant Fund II: Manta Wallet Adoption

Launching a formal grants program to support the adoption of Manta Wallet by incentivizing connectivity between applications and the Manta Wallet. The rewards will be distributed in four stages:

  1. 100k downloads of the Manta Wallet
  2. 250k downloads of the Manta Wallet
  3. 500k downloads of the Manta Wallet
  4. 1m downloads of the Manta Wallet

Grant Fund III: zkSBT/zkNFT on Calamari NPO Adoption

Launching a formal grants program to support the adoption of Calamari’s NPO platform by incentivizing the minting/usage of zkSBTs/zkNFTs through NPO.

  • The grant will be distributed in a total of four batches, with each batch selected per quarter.
  • Each batch will have 5+ qualifying projects.
  • 50% of the grant rewards distributed to each project must be used to incentivize usage/adoption of the project’s zkSBTs to achieve network growth.


At the current market value of KMA, the total 400m KMA would provide a maximum potential value of $720,000, which would be much less if liquidated. The funds received from this proposal would be staked to earn additional allocation to directly provide additional rewards to recipients of the funds. The tokens would not be used in governance to continue facilitating community participation.

Due to the incentive design of the funds, the requested KMA tokens will be distributed over an extended period of time, based on the achieved milestones outlined within each fund. The goal is to encourage strong on-chain activity and growth of Calamari Network through the deployment of great use cases and applications leveraging Calamari Network’s modular privacy technologies. Compared to other Polkadot/Kusama chain funds, this fund will be focused on building a strong user base and fundamentals for the network to take off.


Voting is up for this referendum - Referendum 50
:spiral_calendar: Voting end period: Sunday, May 7, 2023 at 9PM EST


Thanks for your new proposals, it’s good to know that those funds will be staked and not all sold on the market at this moment. I wish the best to Manta & Calamari :+1: