Proposal: Establish Manta Wallet Development Fund from Treasury Funds


In an effort to sustain the completed efforts and continue driving the support and development of the Manta Wallet and its contribution to Calamari Network’s growth, the core contributor team is applying for a grant from the Calamari Network Treasury. The core team has spent several months of engineering development and operations/marketing strategy for go-to-market activities that has led to its success. That success directly translates into user acquisition for Calamari Network.

Calamari Network does not allocate any team tokens or investor tokens as part of its tokenomics, which offers a unique fair launch. To align incentives on the continued growth of the Calamari ecosystem (which the core team has identified through opportunities with the successful launch of the Manta Wallet), the core team is requesting a total of 200m $KMA, representing approximately 2% of the total supply, to incentivize its past, current, and future adoption of the Manta Wallet.

Motivation & Demonstrated Success of Manta Wallet

All metrics are indicating a strong launch for the Manta Wallet. At the time of this proposal, the browser-based Manta Wallet has 60k+ users from users around the world within one month of release. By comparison to other Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem wallets, this is a successful launch with strong user adoption; SubWallet has 30k+ users; Talisman Wallet has 20k+ users.

Activity is also high with the Manta Wallet; data analytics of wallet activity indicates a high proportion of weekly active users, and the overall 4.2 rating on the Chrome Web Store demonstrates a high user satisfaction apart from a few irrelevant reviews.

The Future Success of the Manta Wallet

The Manta Wallet offers a unique browser-based wallet experience unmatched by any other Polkadot or Kusama wallet. It combines both public parachain assets as well as zkAssets, privatized through the ZK circuits enabled on Calamari Network. Through a single wallet, users are able to interact with and manage both their public and private assets.

The expansion of features and functionality on the Manta Wallet will lead to more user downloads, which directly translates into user growth on Calamari Network, which is where the wallet is enabled currently (apart from the Dolphin Testnet).

Funding to Reward & Continue Innovating on the Manta Wallet

Responsibility Allocation (KMA) %
Subsidized Previous Work (50% KMA support) 40M 20%
Partnership & Marketing Efforts 30M 15%
Development/Expansion Efforts 130M 65%
Total 200M 100%%


Subsidized Previous Work (50% KMA support)
Covering a portion of the cost of accomplished work that was invested in by the team to date including:

  • Engineering team efforts
  • Cryptography team efforts
  • Marketing team efforts

Partnership & Marketing Efforts
Building partnerships and executing on marketing strategies to drive the adoption of Manta Wallet, with results indicating strong user growth within the Calamari Network ecosystem.

Development/Expansion Efforts
The integration of new products, services, networks and features into the Manta Wallet as it continues to find new market opportunities with the launch of subsequent products on Calamari Network both through the core team and through partnership efforts.


The core team is focused on directing funds towards proven success. Prior to the Manta Wallet, the team released the Manta Signer as a solution. This solution impaired user experience, and as a result, the core team shifted towards innovation on a better user experience. That experience has been delivered through the Manta Wallet as indicated by the success metrics described above.

Furthermore, the amount of funding requested in this proposal to commit to the growth, development and adoption of the Manta Wallet equates to a maximum potential value of $380,000 based on the market price at the time of this proposal (any immediate liquidation would result in a much less potential value). For a wallet project emerging as one of the best in the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems on user acquisition and continued usage, the core team believes that the token request is reasonable for preserving the quality of the wallet as well as continuing the growth and adoption of it throughout the web3 space.


Voting is up for this referendum - Referendum 51
:spiral_calendar: Voting end period: Sunday, May 7, 2023 at 9PM EST


Thanks to the Team, for taking the time to detail the proposals more. I think it will be much clearer to the community now. Let’s grow!


Thank you for sharing this proposal. I like the team’s approach of focusing on proven success and delivering a better user experience through the Manta Wallet. The requested funding seems reasonable and I appreciate the team’s commitment to preserving the quality of the wallet while continuing to drive growth and adoption in the Web3 space. Polkadotters will vote in favor of this proposal. :+1: