Proposal: Establish NPO Development Fund from Treasury Funds


In an effort to sustain the completed efforts and continue driving the support and development of the NPO platform and its contribution to Calamari Network’s growth, the core contributor team is applying for a grant from the Calamari Network Treasury.

Calamari Network does not allocate any team tokens or investor tokens as part of its tokenomics, which offers a unique fair launch. To align incentives on the continued growth of the Calamari ecosystem (which the core team has identified through opportunities with the successful launch of the NPO), the core team is requesting a total of 200m $KMA, representing approximately 2% of the total supply, to incentivize its past, current, and future alignment of the NPO platform and drive continued marketing/partnership efforts to use it to grow the Calamari Network ecosystem.


Since the launch of the NPO, Calamari Network has seen a tremendous increase in user activity and network adoption. The success that the NPO has brought to the network has been due to:

  1. the partnerships and partnership activities that the core team has built through its business development efforts;
  2. the marketing campaigns and activities that the core team has organized, budgeted, and successfully activated;
  3. the development efforts of the core team over a period of several months, which has led to the successful launch of the NPO on Calamari Network;
  4. the future efforts on the partnerships, marketing, and development side that the core team continues to invest in, incurring additional financial expenses.

Demonstrated Success Through NPO

All of these efforts have demonstrated success. With the launch of the NPO, the team has coordinated the launch of zkBABs and zkGalxe Passports, showcasing the modular privacy functionality of the platform that can expand use cases of on-chain privacy to other ecosystems that leverage Calamari Network.

  • At the time of writing, over 42,000, KYCed users have minted a zkBAB, which directly translates to 42,000 real users with zkSBT assets on Calamari Network;
  • Similarly, approximately 20,000, KYCed users have minted a zkGalxe Passport, which directly translates into 20,000 real users with additional zkSBT assets on Calamari Network;
  • The core team is discussing/finalizing with several other large L1/L2 ecosystems and applications to continue driving more unreleased zkSBTs that will directly translate into more real users into the Calamari Network ecosystem.

The popularity of zkSBTs through the NPO platform indicates an opportunity to scale the usage of the Calamari Network ecosystem through real users.

The Future of NPO

Through the demonstrated success of the NPO, the core team wants to take advantage of the identified opportunity that zkSBTs through NPO presents through its modular application of private identity on other chains and applications. The partnerships that the team has already established, as well as large upcoming partnerships that are yet to be announced, allows more adoption and usage of zkSBTs through the continued efforts of the partnerships/marketing/engineering members.

Furthermore, the NPO allows for services beyond the zkSBT, including zkNFTs, which also have a large addressable market that can be penetrated as a first-mover with the strong partnerships established through zkSBTs. All of these translate into a strong growth of real, active users on Calamari Network in the existing and future opportunities. The requested allocation of KMA tokens helps align incentives with the core team, which does not have team allocation, and the success of Calamari Network. We see an exciting opportunity and want to jump on it; we also want to make sure that we all can win from capturing this opportunity.

Funding to Reward & Continue Growing NPO on Calamari

Responsibility Allocation (KMA) %
Subsidized Previous Work (50% KMA support) 60M 30%
Partnership & Marketing Efforts 45M 23%
Research/Expansion Efforts 30M 15%
Future Development Efforts. 65M 33%
Total 200M 100%%


Subsidized Previous Work (50% KMA support)
Previous work is rewarded for all of the engineering, partnership, marketing, and other operations work over the past year that the core team has conducted to date resulting in the successful launch of NPO and the acquisition of initial large partners and users for zkSBTs on Calamari Network.

  • Engineering team efforts
  • Cryptography team efforts
  • Partnership team efforts
  • Marketing team efforts

Partnership & Marketing Efforts
Dedicating a team to the continued identification and closing of large partnerships and subsequent launches of marketing campaigns to grow users on Calamari Network.

Research/Expansion Efforts
Continue exploring additional use cases of the NPO and zkSBTs/zkNFTs to drive further innovation and products branching out from the NPO use case that benefit the growth of Calamari Network.

Future Development Efforts
Maintaining and upgrading the NPO through feedback from the Calamari Network community users and partners to continue providing the industry’s best modular private identity system.


At the current market value of KMA, the total 200m KMA would provide a maximum potential value of $380,000, which would be much less if liquidated. Even at the maximum potential value of KMA from the fund, the requested amount is only a fraction of what a product project would cost in order to develop, iterate, and go to market to start bringing in users; e.g., Magic Eden raised $130m recently for its launchpad.

The efforts are in part subsidized by Calamari Network due to the value it is bringing on the user-acquisition side, while the other portion of costs and effort are subsidized by funds from Manta Network. The NPO brings a unique SBT/NFT launch product to the market that offers a strong, proven value proposition based on past success.


Voting is up for this referendum - Referendum 52
:spiral_calendar: Voting end period: Sunday, May 7, 2023 at 9PM EST


I like the idea of NFT Private Offering, especially when it’s being used for zkBAB and such usecases. :+1: