Proposal for bi-directional HRMP channel with Karura

Hi Mantalorians!

We’d like to propose a referendum 8 to open a bi-directional HRMP channel with Karura. This is the next step in the process of enabling cross chain messaging.

This is an important update as it will allow:

  1. To transfer Karura’s assets to Calamari so they can be eventually privatized and transferred confidentially and anonymously.
  2. Calamari’s KMA token can be transferred to Karura to open new DEX pairs and integrate with Karura’s suite of DeFi products.

Since the channel is bidirectional we need to accept Karura’s request to open the Karura to Calamari channel, as well as do our ownrequest to open the Calamari to Karura from our side. To achieve this we will use two extrinsics that need to be executed on the relay-chain with Calamari’s sovereign account as origin. They will be batched on the Calamari side and sent via polkadot-xcm send message. The two extrinsics are:

  • hrmp.hrmpAcceptOpenChannel(sender: 2000) ,
  • hrmp.hrmpInitOpenChannel(recipient: 2000, proposedMaxCapacity: 1000, proposedMaxMessageSize: 102400) ,
  • so the final batch call hex-encoded is 0x1800083c01240800003c0024080000e803000000900100

The proposedMaxCapacity and proposedMaxMessageSize are set to the values of Kusama’s configuration.activeConfig.hrmpChannelMaxCapacity and configuration.activeConfig.hrmpChannelMaxMessageSize values, respectively.

Thank you for your time and voting!


Voting link: Polkadot/Substrate Portal
(Referenda: 8)