Proposal for Inactive Collators

We have instances where collators go inactive. These responsibilities should really be taken seriously in order to secure the network. I would like to propose the below

  1. Punish inactive collators - perhaps a penalty from bonded Manta tokens
  2. Allow stakers with the collator to unstake immediately without the 7-day wait period OR ability to redelegate to a new collator - Stakers should not be punished in this instance

Thanks and I hope this proposal gets somewhere


Agreed maybe just extending collator unstake time period would be nice and immediate return of staked asset should fix the problem

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Agreed, I just found my collator inactive this morning… so frustrating.


Mine just went back to “Active” sheeesh… Cancelled my unstake, let’s see how it goes. Lost some APR, small amount of course, but money is still money, coulda funded some gas with those tokens lol

yes, we need to do something with inactives ones

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my unstaked tokens sent to different adress by callator. And my collator is not just inactive, but RETİRED. I lost my tokens due to manta networks fault:( I wrote to team via telegram but they didnt answer me yet…