Proposal: Incentivization Campaign to Incite Private Transfers on Calamari Network's MantaPay App

Dear Mantalorians,

The MantaPay Incentive program, which started in May, has now officially ended. Thank you to everyone who participated in the event! The activity during this campaign was very high, with gas fees hitting a record-breaking 200 KMA.

Here’s the data regarding the volume of activities during this period:

Addresses 4600
Privatized KMA 7699531080.129
Privatized KAR 6803.758
Privatized KSM 284339.365
Privatized MOVR 2029.951
ToPrivate Count 137980
PrivateTransfer Count 25696

As mentioned in this this medium post, 20M $KMA will be used to reward participants, which we intend to fund through the treasury. The referendum, referendum 55, is up for voting to unlock those rewards for distribution. To learn more about the proposal, please take a look at this google doc.


This proposal has expired, and here’s the explanation for it


I don’t have enough KMA to vote. Can you send me some?