Referendum to open HRMP with Statemine and register USDT asset

Hi Mantalorians!

We’ve opened referendum 39 for voting, which will accept the Statemine→ Calamari HRMP channel. Once this is enacted cross chain transfers with Statemine will be enabled.
In order to accept the HRMP channel, the following extrinsic needs to be executed on the relay chain with the Calamari parachain sovereign account as origin:

  • hrmp.hrmpAcceptOpenChannel(sender: 1000)

Furthermore we’re batching a call to register the USDT asset on Calamari and set the execution cost transferring those assets to roughly $0.1, like all other assets.
Once this referendum is enacted, you will be able to transfer USDT to and from and to your accounts on the Statemine parachain!

Thank you for your time and votes!

PS: Voting Link