Referendum to swap Calamari (2084) and Dolphin (2122) parachain leases on Kusama

Dear Mantalorians,

As many of you may know Calamari has been online for almost a year and our last lease period on Kusama is underway.
In order to continue producing blocks after the lease period has expired, we have secured a secondary parachain slot on Kusama with parachain-id 2122. The first lease period of the secondary slot overlaps with Calamari’s last lease period, therefore t is possible to swap both parachains’ remaining lease periods, effectively extending Calamari for another year.
To complete the swap, Calamari’s governance needs to send an XCM message to Kusama with referendum 22

We’re very excited to continue operating the Calamari parachain for another year and to soon bring private payments and much more to the Polkadot ecosystem.

Looking forward to your participation!

P.S. All crowdloan contributions to Calamari will be unlocked on schedule, despite the parachain lease being swapped and extended.


Definitely participate in and cast my vote!

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