Removing Sudo from Calamari Runtime

Hi Calamari Community Members,

We would like to propose to remove sudo in Calamari through governance. In fact, the existence of SUDO key is always a pre-cautious measure rather than having an intended usage. Since the launch of Calamari, the core technical team gains more confidence of operating without SUDO key.

As the MariPay launch closes, we would like to make Calamari more decentralized. So we are opening a governance proposal to set the SUDO key to 0xffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff (so that effectively no-one has the secret key.)

subkey inspect dmzitczEjkTLTkp4cpJmk5c9rtdvuFmKbMubjqE2Kx34fBq7K
Public Key URI `dmzitczEjkTLTkp4cpJmk5c9rtdvuFmKbMubjqE2Kx34fBq7K` is account:
  Network ID/Version: calamari
  Public key (hex):   0xffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
  Account ID:         0xffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
  Public key (SS58):  dmzitczEjkTLTkp4cpJmk5c9rtdvuFmKbMubjqE2Kx34fBq7K
  SS58 Address:       dmzitczEjkTLTkp4cpJmk5c9rtdvuFmKbMubjqE2Kx34fBq7K

It is in the form of council motion now. The community voting will follow soon.



Voting link

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