Scheduled burn of 150 Million KMA token

Dear KMA community,

As previously explained in the KMA tokenomics release, we are conducting an annual burn of 3% of the total issuance of KMA, equal to the staking rewards created in that timeframe.

The current proposal up for voting conducts the first of these burns with an amount of 150 Million KMA token - 1.5% of total issuance, burning the staking inflation of the past half year by removing equivalent token from the treasury.

We’re looking forward to your votes on referendum 48 below and appreciate your ongoing support


yes I agree - 1.5% of total issuance


Yes I as well agree with the said proposal


Yes I agree,Wow great,


yes, I agree. manta network is coming!!!

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totally agree with this proposal :heart::heart::heart:

Totally agree :grinning:. Manta is coming

the burn transaction has been executed, verify onchain below.

Thank you everyone for confirming the proposal with more than 3/4 of support!


I agree with you yes

yes I agree - 1.5% of total issuance

Very nice. i agree with the opinion

Yes I agree, that’s a great thing

great and smooth interact

yes,this is great idea.
Go to moon

I support this proposal and hope that it will benefit our community.

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this is a great way of building

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If people say burn then we burn :smile:

I don’t think it would be appropriate to do this before the community member airdrop is implemented. It would be better to do this step after implementing the airdrop.

I agree to this proposal