Solarbeam KMA/MOVR pair initial liquidity

Hi Mantalorians,

We’re very excited to share that KMA will be getting listed on the Solarbeam DEX, giving some additional utility to our token!

In order to bootstrap initial liquidity, we’ve already transferred 900,000 KMA to the Solarbeam DEX account on Moonriver (0x1375D820e32Eec62cDd75c3e95b1E71A830B2149) from a privately held address with this transaction .

We’re now opening referendum #26 to reimburse that amount from the Calamari Treasury (dmwQify37xfGt1wDhAi8zfvovsAkdK3aD4iqW8dn8nfrsAYsX), by using a balances.forceTransfer extrinsic with the following encoded call data: 0x280300016d6f646c70792f74727372790000000000000000000000000000000000000000220000010000000000da493b717d0c0000000000000000010102009d1f03001375d820e32eec62cdd75c3e95b1e71a830b214900286bee00000000, which can be decoded on Calamari.

Thank you for the attention and participation in governance!


Tremendous. Looking forward to seeing KMA increase utility with availability on Solarbeam.


Great news. I just voted in the referenda. Wish you success!

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Best wishes to you too.