Staking for everyone

Is there a way that every single person who stake earn rewards proportional to their share
not only the top 100 ?
(for exemple someone staking with 50 manta may earn also proportionality with his amount)
why ? because it kick or refrain lot of small users that would like to lock or discover the ecosystem

What do you think about that ?
Will this open the door for many others people or not necessary ?

Thanks Guys :slight_smile:


Agree, Think the top 100 staking model is very unfair, and it means you cannot just stake and forget, as you might get popped out of your pool.
Feel its a bit of a marketing stunt to make people buy more to be eligible for staking

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If you don’t meet the minimum MANTA for staking, you should be able to use Bifrost to liquid stake your MANTA tokens on Manta Atlantic. It’s the solution for now until there are more collators that are brought online to satisfy the demand for staking.

Bifrost solves this. allows you to stake with them with no min and enjoy the APRs etc

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