The Explanation to Referenda 55

Dear Mantalorians,

The referenda 55 has expired. Theoretically, this referenda should have been executed at block #3888000. And now calamari’s highest block has exceeded that.

The voting period ended at block #3880800, enaction was delayed 7200 blocks, so the referenda would be executed at block #3888000.

The related storage items have been wiped unexpectedly because of Calamari runtime upgrade 4080. That means this proposal will be never executed, and the beneficiary dmyLrsKhggNctvRPNWWyAgAhvtr8JrnsRBdUwoKzLkdyc2cza will not get any KMA from treasury.

What happened?

In this release, calamari dependencies are bumped from v0.9.28 to v0.9.37, before calamari 4070 or older, there was a storage item preimages in democracy.

But after v0.9.31, the storage preimages is managed by a pallet pallet-preimages. You can take a look at this substrate pr Bound uses of Call.

Theoretically, there’s a storage migration implementation for it. But unfortunately, after we upgraded calamari runtime to 4080, that storage migration was not executed correctly. As a result, the referenda 55 was not enacted. That beneficiary didn’t get any token from treasury.

Checking the referenda 55 indicates that nothing was returned.

Other referenda such as 54 do provide a return.

How to unlock your KMA?

Because the referenda expired, voters can reclaim $KMA staked for voting. Please unlock your KMA by following the instructions below. If you have any issue on unlocking KMA, please reach out to the team on Discord.

What next?

Because the referenda has expired, we will submit a proposal again to finish what the previous proposal should have done.

Thanks for your vote and patience!