Unable to connect Manta Wallet

I have Manta Tokens on the Manta wallet / Manta Pacific Network
I want to stake an the site: https://app.manta.network/manta/stake
the wallet is connectet, but the site shows zero ballance ??
I get the message to change networt to Manta - but in the wallet i cab select Manta Atlantic or Manta Pacific …
Any Idea what went wrong here?

Hey, to stake on this platform https://app.manta.network/manta/stake you need to get your tokens to the Manta Atlantic network - not manta Pacific network.
Since your tokens are on Manta Pacific I will advice you to import seed phrase from the manta wallet to the Metamask or okex wallet and stake your tokens on Bifrost on Manta Pacific with 30% APY and no minimum requirements of the staking amount, check this X Manta post with guidelines. Let me know if you have any other questions